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Pack up your Troubles

August 26, 2011

Quite some time has passed since the incident at the club. Mary Alice continued to make me blackmail my boss, but her attentions soon turned away to the arrival of her son, Sam. School was out and Mary Alice had told her sons sperm donor that she was going to bring him to London. Currently, it is only a summer thing, but I have a feeling that Sam is going to be sticking around. Which is lucky I guess, since I finally bought myself a nice flat in my favourite area of Leicester Square. It was definitely the place to be since it would save me A LOT of money on travelling as I spent most of my recreational time there. Read more…


London Riots Spread

August 9, 2011

Rioters Loot & Destroy

By Miss Independant

As London prepares for the upcoming Olympic next July, it seems that they may have to rethink their priorities. Over this past weekend, people living in our country’s capital city were subject to violence and looting as Rioters took to the streets to protest the death of a suspected gangster, Mark Duggan. However, the violence seems to have escalated, causing the death of Duggan to be just an excuse for this mob behaviour. Read more…

Miss SlowPoke

August 1, 2011

I am currently really busy with work and home life. Miss Independant is taking a short hiatus till next month where we will find out whether or not she gives in to the temptation of blackmail…..

I’ve got a hold on you

July 22, 2011

Local was not such a bad department, maybe because those who ran it were wild of hair (or no hair at all) and speckled, but once you got to know them, they were really cool. And extremely welcoming. On Friday, I found out that I had secured myself a junior reporter position in Local where my pieces would feature once a week as part of the rota. However, my confirmation was far from what I expected. I was told that I would get a debrief on my two weeks of probation and then a yes or a no. Instead I got an email from Mr Smooth.

Read more…

You could have fooled me Somethin’

July 18, 2011

So you probably want to know what happened on my date with Porter Boy…. It was amazingly fun.

I never knew, in my whole week of knowing him, that he was actually a comic. A very funny one, like… Omid Djalili. (I love that guy!), not one of those like Peter Kay who thinks he is funny but can’t make a room full of people even muffle laughter. And his impressions had me in stitches. So in all, the night went well and I even got a little inside gossip on the set of the Lion King Production. Read more…

Stepping Stones

July 11, 2011

To say that I left in a flash would be some sort of understatement. I think my blur was enough to rival that of superman himself. As I left, Mama Hen was taking her anger out on her priceless collections and anyone who was in her vision of target. Luckily the Sweet Valley Highs followed me out the door when they realised Mama Hen’s blood pressure was on the up. On Monday however, I found out that Lone Ranger was the one who got the brink of it, looking at the size of the bruise on his shiny bald head. Read more…

Careless Whisper

July 5, 2011

You can say that the revelation that I slept with a married man, put me on the right path. When Friday night came around, I refused to go out and have a repeat of the previous week. I was happy that I managed to write a piece on the local theatre raising money for Breast Cancer, which would be printed in the weekend addition. Mama Hen had invited all of us round to hers for a late night barbecue. Her husband would apparently be out for the night so she wanted a girlie night (which somehow included Lone Ranger). Read more…