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Pack up your Troubles

August 26, 2011

Quite some time has passed since the incident at the club. Mary Alice continued to make me blackmail my boss, but her attentions soon turned away to the arrival of her son, Sam. School was out and Mary Alice had told her sons sperm donor that she was going to bring him to London. Currently, it is only a summer thing, but I have a feeling that Sam is going to be sticking around. Which is lucky I guess, since I finally bought myself a nice flat in my favourite area of Leicester Square. It was definitely the place to be since it would save me A LOT of money on travelling as I spent most of my recreational time there.

I found I didn’t even need to use the images to blackmail Mr Smooth after all. During the whole London Riots saga, the whole of the newspaper was working together, only Foreign news seemed to stick to their areas regarding news, everyone else was covering the riots. The London Riot was actually my first article, and it even made the front page. I was moved by the higher-ups into a more diverse area, looking into stories that were front page material. I did miss Rebekkah and the gang, but we made a deal to hang out every weekend and gossip about the rest of the paper. Which Mary Alice loved after the first night in my new place (which also acted as my cheap-skate house-warming party), that she decided she had the right to hire a babysitter (which was usually her Lion King Extra boyfriend) and join us on our weekly get together.

But that wasn’t the only thing that happened over the last month.

Wait for it….


That’s right, you heard me. Mama Hen FINALLY saw sense and dumped the guy. I’m not entirely sure exactly what happened, since no one from the department really likes me anymore about from Lone Ranger, but he had it on good information that Mama Hen had become extremely cautious after my revelation and her pregnancy that she had him followed. (Sounds like something from a movie… well the amount of movies that women spent night after night watching alone, she probably got her private investigator idea from there….) Turns out, Mr Smooth was taking all his girls to the same apartment that he took me. And yes, he was also doing the same things as he was doing to me. Needless to say, Mama Hen finally believed me. Enough to send me a half-hearted email apology, though she still avoids me in the halls.

But it seems that Mr Smooth had not only been cheating on her. Our very own sister magazine that focused on gossip printed a story on our Editor having a secret love child. I never knew people cared enough about Mr Smooth having a love child. I certainly had no idea who he was until I met him. With the news of the Love Child and the repeated cheating, Mama Hen was finally flying out of his coop. She was staying with the Sweet Valleys till she could find her own place. According to Lone Ranger, she had even considered an abortion, but luckily, she was talked out of it. If there is something I hate with a passion, it is aborting a child.

But while my work life was flourishing, it was having an effect on my personal life. I thought I had found the perfect guy in Porter Boy, but my working late hours to chase a story and spending my weekends partying with my friends, Porter Boy stopped returning my calls. He text me about two weeks ago, telling me he needed some time alone for a while. I could say ‘I don’t know how this happened’. But sadly I do. I am a career woman, I never had ‘relationship’ as part of my plan up the ladder. So I prioritized work over play.  Everytime Porter Boy wanted to take me out to dinner, I was too busy.

So now we are spending time apart. Sadly I struggle to feel emotional as I am too busy working to have time to care. My mother seems to think I’m heartless. Which I probably am. But didn’t I move to London to progress up the professional Ladder. I have no time to fill with sorrow over a failed relationship if I want to own the next big magazine. I wanna be the next Anna Wintour. Power Woman of the century. That would be my eventual goal.

Speaking of my mother, she is actually coming to visit next week. I have missed her a lot since I moved to London. It was difficult to have her come see me while I was in the hotel but now I have my own place with an extra room for her, I can’t wait for her to visit. It will be a good break for me as I have book two days off work to spend time with her. She apparently has some print worthy news to share with me. I’ve been trying to get it out of her, but she is as stubborn as an ox and my powers of persuasion have failed me miserably.

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  1. September 3, 2011 9:31 am

    Why is that it is so difficult to have your cake and eat it, be a career woman and also a good partner, the balancing act of the two is very hard, am sure they has to be a way. Sometimes I feel that being a woman sometimes feels like being a supehero… 🙂

  2. September 3, 2011 2:45 am

    Top of your day. I was just wondering if what you are writing about is real life or is it an improvised make believe blog. Blackmail, love child, I had the feeling I was reading a pitch for a cinematic drama. I enjoyed the piece. The August break juiced up the creative battery.

    • September 3, 2011 9:26 am

      This is all fictional. Each post is written when i get inspiration in the direction i want indi to go.

  3. Maddie permalink
    September 2, 2011 10:12 am

    I wonder what your mum has in store!

  4. August 26, 2011 3:45 pm

    Hi. I like your writing, although the talk about a career woman struck too close to home since I have a young female friend who stays too busy with her violin and musical career than I would like. She doesn’t realize yet that she can have it all. The career is just an excuse to postpone her journey into full fledged womanhood. So, it reminds me of the complex life I live where multiple women are involved. But, a man can love more than one woman at a time, regardless of what others might think. And, be good to them at that.


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