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I’ve got a hold on you

July 22, 2011

Local was not such a bad department, maybe because those who ran it were wild of hair (or no hair at all) and speckled, but once you got to know them, they were really cool. And extremely welcoming. On Friday, I found out that I had secured myself a junior reporter position in Local where my pieces would feature once a week as part of the rota. However, my confirmation was far from what I expected. I was told that I would get a debrief on my two weeks of probation and then a yes or a no. Instead I got an email from Mr Smooth.

So much for professionalism. Maybe he was too afraid to confront me in person incase I decided to let slip his love rat ways to the whole of the board that was supposed to debrief me.

When the rest of my new department found out I was a permanent resident, they took me out during the lunch break for a little party so I could get to know them all, which I thought was very sweet. There was ‘Speckled Fred’ who was the genius of the department, he knew the ins and outs of anything that was anything. Then there was ‘Harry Potter’. Named so due to the speckles and tuft of hair that resembled so much of the famous wizard. Finally there was ‘Pixie’ who had the youth and personality of the infamous Alice Cullen from the Twilight Saga. Sadly, her real name was far from her personality… Barbra. There was another guy on the team, but I had yet to meet him since he was on holiday till the following week.

After lunch, Rebekkah took me to see the rest of the Local department. I hadn’t actually realised that there wer more areas, but considering there were only five people in my department, I should have had some sort of clue.

Local was broken up into four different sections. Local Politics, Local Environment, Local News and Local Entertainment. Since I was in Arts previously, My new job was in Local Entertainment. The other three sections had at least 7 members of dedicated staff. It wasn’t a lot, but since they went along side the national section, they only had a limited space to fill. And 7 staff meant 7 stories.


“Hey wanna go out tonight?” Porter Boy called me pretty much as soon as I got out of work. We hadn’t been on a date since the last one but we talked regularly on the phone is he was not on duty by the time I got back to the hotel. “Sure, where too?” “There’s this new Tapas place opened in Leicester Square. Wanna try it out?” I am a huge fan of Tapas, I don’t recall telling him that, but if I did, I’m glad he’s paying attention. “Sound Great. Meet me at the entrance of the underground?”

And so I had my second date. Porter Boy tried it on with a couple of impressions, making heads turn while people enjoyed their tapas. Maybe they didn’t turn heads to his impressions, I have a suspicion that it had something to do with my snort filled laughter.

Porter Boy did all the right things, he paid for dinner, took me on a stroll through Leicester Square. When he found out I had been hired and I was sticking around, he even stopped a little rickshaw bike and paid for a rickshaw trip all the way back to my hotel which took the good part of an hour before he dropped me to the door.

For those who want to know… Yes we did share our first kiss at the end of our second date.

The weekend flew by amidst parties in Central London with Mary Alice and Porter Boy.  Mary Alice had already made a few friends in London with whom we met up with, on Saturday night in a club I had no idea existed. We only spent a little while there before my drunk self suggested the exclusive club where I had spent my first lone night out.

It was the weekend and I was sure this wasn’t a good idea, but I had people with me this time, how bad could it be. The queue was long but I played my cards right and got through. (Ok so I played my cards like last time, though I was lucky that the same bouncer was on duty and I didn’t have to accuse him on being a racist. I still felt bad from the last time.) We did end up losing a few of the girls as they were refused entry, but the rest of us carried on through.

It seemed to be trance night as the music had this techno trance thing going on. Not that I was complaining, I was a fan. After a few drinks and hours of dancing, we seemed ready to leave, though Mary Alice and I left at least an hour after everyone else. As we left, people were still coming in for the last two hours of the opening time. Mary Alice was walking behind me when I stopped abruptly in the corridor that lead to the entrance/exit.

Walking towards me, looking worse for wear was none other than Mr Smooth himself. And he was not alone, with him was a blonde who was most definitely not his pregnant wife. They looked trashed beyond repair as Mr smoot had his arm around her neck as if she was the reason he was still upright. His hand, was noticeably caressing her cleavage. “Whats the hold up?” Mary Alice rested her chin on my shoulder as her alcohol spewed breath spoke in my direction.  I lifted my finger and pointed ahead, which caused Mary Alice’s sharp chin to turn on my shoulder and look ahead. “Ooo is that him? Is that his wife? I thought you said she was a red-head.” “Thats not her, that’s his new saturday night.” I made a face as they seemed to stumble towards us in slow motion. “Ahhhh.”


I had not felt Mary Alice move from my shoulder before I heard her phone camera click. “What are you doing?!” I turned and glared at her before she grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the building. Mr Smooth failed to notice us as we passed him by, being to busy locking lips with his girlfriend. “Leverage… blackmail…. or just plain shaking the head of his stupid wife. Whatever you want to call it., we can discuss our plans in the morning.” Mary Alice grinned as she sent the picture to my phone before popping her own back into her bag. “Lets go home. I’m beat.”

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  1. July 27, 2011 1:17 pm

    What an ugly looking email… lol. That’s all I took from that post. Congrats on landing the job… but more so congrats on SECURING IT! 🙂

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