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Stepping Stones

July 11, 2011

To say that I left in a flash would be some sort of understatement. I think my blur was enough to rival that of superman himself. As I left, Mama Hen was taking her anger out on her priceless collections and anyone who was in her vision of target. Luckily the Sweet Valley Highs followed me out the door when they realised Mama Hen’s blood pressure was on the up. On Monday however, I found out that Lone Ranger was the one who got the brink of it, looking at the size of the bruise on his shiny bald head.

Over the weekend, I needed some moral support, so my best friend from the Sub’s came to my rescue. Mary Alice and I grew up together though she was a good few years older than me. Where she was smart and social, I was the total opposite. Yet she was now a divorced single mom working for MY mother and I was doing my own thing in the scary new world of London. After filling her in on everything that had happened to me since I moved to London, we pigged out on pizzas and burgers for the rest of the weekend.

On Monday, I was met with the cold shoulder by everyone bar Lone Ranger, however, even his greeting was less than pleasurable. (I blame the concussion he must have got from that nasty bruise on his head.) By lunchtime, it was all too unbearable and I had to get out of there. I took the rest of the afternoon as my ‘field research’ time. I called Mary Alice and asked her to join me since she decided to stick around London for another week.

After our lunch, we decided to walk around London into areas that I had been too afraid to go to by myself. There was a show on in the West End that I really wanted to see. Everyone was going on about it and I loved the Disney movie. Of course, I was talking about Lion King. This weeks entry was supposed to be an interview script, so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. Though the likelihood that I would now get this job permanently was looking very slim.

“Why don’t you talk to the husband. If you can convince him to patch things up with this boss lady, maybe it could work out better for you.” Mary Alice, the knowledge of all woman kind… yet she still couldn’t hold her marriage together. “I’m not sure that meddling anymore in their marriage is the best idea Mar.” Picking up our tickets from the box office, we slowly walked our way through the streets to the theatre. I had rung in earlier to make arrangements with the two lead actors who play Simba and Nahla.

“You’re not meddling Indi. Your clearing your damn name! It’s not like he told you he was married when you slept with him.” “It’s not that… I shouldn’t have told anyone about it in the first place.” “Its gossip. It would have gotten out sooner or later.” “Later would have been better. When I knew my job was secured.” I had to remind her that I was still working out my trial period. Not that she needed reminding. She just wasn’t as smart as she used to be.

We arrived at the theatre in time to catch a glimpse of the dress rehearsal before being whisked away into a private dressing room where the two actors were waiting. Mary Alice decided to leave the interview to me so she could chat up an extra who looked half her age. Well… he looked younger than me for sure.

Satisfied with my one hour interview with the leading couple, I left the room only to be greeted by an over enthusiastic Mary Alice. “Mar! What the…” “He asked me out!!! tonight! After the show! ooooo we should double date… he said he has a single friend!” We had plans for the night already, looks like she had forgotten. I didn’t feel too keen on going out on a double date. With my track record in London already, any guy I went out with tonight would probably be married to someone else in my department. Ok so I’m over exaggerating. That’s probably not going to happen, but I’m sure it will.

“Come on Indi… PLEASE do it. For me?” Sometimes Mary Alice can be a bit too persuasive. I sucked it up. I needed to get a life anyway… how bad could it be. Wait… lets not answer that….

The time for the show came and I had already written 200 words for my article. Mary Alice made me doll myself up so as to impress my blind date. I did my best, though my heart was not into it tonight. When we got downstairs, I was surprised to find that Porter Boy had been replaced by some older specimen. He was just as kind, but he was also an unwelcome change to my settled new life. I had been used to seeing Porter Boy all the time during my coming and goings that I had almost come to believe that he was part of the hotel itself rather than just an employee who could have time off. I hadn’t had the chance to tell him about my date and ask his advice since Mary Alice wanted all the attention.

When we got to the theatre, our tickets were taken and we were lead to our seats. As I waited for the lights to die down, I looked across the vast space filled with rows and rows of seating, including stands situated on the walls of the room. “Where are we meeting them?” I fanned myself with the program as I waited. Mary Alice managed to confirm (in annoyance) to me what she had been telling me the entire journey to the theatre. “At the restaurant.”


“God it’s freezing. Why can’t we go inside and wait!” I was shivering to the core but Mary Alice was adamant on staying outdoors till her date arrived. “Freezing??? We’re in the middle of JUNE!” She was right, but my nerves were making me cold. While we waited, I happened to catch the eye of a familiar face. “Hey!” Leaving Mary Alice to her own, I walked over to Porter Boy who appeared rather dashing in his casual gear. He walked in faded jeans, half buttoned up white shirt. I flashed a flirty smile over to him as I stopped. “What are you doing here?” “I’m actually here on a.. a date.” I was taken aback I must admit. In all the time (ok one week) that I had got to know Porter Boy, I hadn’t really found out about his personal life, and whether or not he was single. “Oh.” I tried to hide the disappointment, but telling by the satisfied smirk on his face, I failed.

“So you two have already met then.” I looked back to find Jack, the actor who had asked Mary Alice out. “Sorry?” Speaking in unison, both Porter Boy and I were obviously confused. “Oh hey… Porter Boy is your date!” Mary Alice laughed at her beau’s side while I stared in this happy bewilderment at my apparent date.

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  2. nflsportfans permalink
    July 13, 2011 9:11 am

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    • July 13, 2011 9:41 am

      Thank you 😀

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