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Careless Whisper

July 5, 2011

You can say that the revelation that I slept with a married man, put me on the right path. When Friday night came around, I refused to go out and have a repeat of the previous week. I was happy that I managed to write a piece on the local theatre raising money for Breast Cancer, which would be printed in the weekend addition. Mama Hen had invited all of us round to hers for a late night barbecue. Her husband would apparently be out for the night so she wanted a girlie night (which somehow included Lone Ranger).

Blonde one and two both arrived together (they seemed to do everything together. Lone Ranger calls them the Sweet Valley Highs) just minutes after I made it to Mama Hen’s house. I got lost a few times, but I had never been to the Canary Wharf ends of London before, I was allowed!  But the journey was at least pleasant and for once the subway didn’t smell of pee. As a gracious guest, I brought along a box of chocolates and a bunch of flowers (a trait my mother had taught me every time we went to visit friends). Mama Hen lives in this amazingly modern apartment that looked very chic. She had the perfect view of night-time London over the river waters. With her full window wall, I saw the glimmering lights floating in the dark water of the evening sun. It was beautiful. I want a place like this some day, and hopefully this job would be my ticket to this freedom.

Dinner was an awkward affair for me. After the Sweet Valley Highs, Lone Ranger came in, closely followed by a couple of girls I had never met but everyone else already knew. While they gossiped about people who I didn’t know at the office yet. I sat idle, sipping on my lemon water every now and then to look a little active. Finally, Lone Ranger paid some much needed attention to me. “So Indi, tell us more about you. What was school like for you?” Ok so the topic I was supposed to be listening to was about school. Great. What was I supposed to say?? “Well school sucked for me. I failed my exams and I wasn’t very popular… so yeah…” I was supposed to think that…. Me and my stupid mouth! Always opening before speaking. Looking at the bewildered faces on everyone’s face, I knew I had just made this moment awkward for everyone.

“So… Dinner was great. What did you put in the chicken?” Swiftly changing the subject,  Lone Ranger came to my rescue. “Something new, I can taste it… was it… honey? Rosemary? Definitely a new herb in there today.” I gave a small smile to Lone Ranger who seemed to be my saviour at every opportunity this week. Earlier this week, I had almost put my foot in it when I sent an email to the wrong person. Lone Ranger took the blow for me, claiming he had been having some fun on my expense.

After dinner, Mama Hen lead her flock to the living area which still blew me away with the modern yet beautiful chic feel. “Ok I rented The A Team for tonight. I know we had a vote for Avatar but they were out at the store so I settled for the next best thing… Bradley Cooper!” All the girls squealed, myself included. Lone Ranger just looked hungry as if he hadn’t eaten yet. “Hey can I use your bathroom before we start?” I knew my record, I would need to pee halfway through the movie as always, but I had no intention of missing any Bradley Cooper time tonight. “Sure second on the left.” Mama Hen pointed me in the right direction and off I went to empty my bladder.

I heard the girls break into a chatter as I walked off in the direction of my relief. Lone Ranger followed me with his eyes, making me extremely uncomfortable and caused a screwed face to appear on me as I glared at him on my way past. The bald speckled man saw no shame as he continued to look at me. What was his problem! I know he probably had some intention to look out for me, he always did, but what could possibly go wrong in the bathroom. I walked in to the smell of lavender and lilies. Since there was only a vase of lavender on the window ledge, I occupied my time to find the source of the lilies. I was not left disappointed, underneath the his and her sinks was a little ledge that hid the freshener perfectly.

Now I’m not a nosey person… well not normally. But I was intrigued when it came to bathrooms. I couldn’t help myself. My mother always said, ‘the bathroom and the kitchen is where you find out the most about a person’. The whole wall behind the sink was mirrored. Hiding cupboards full of the usual things you would find in a bathroom. Pads. Floss. Extra Toothpaste. Condoms. Spare Toilet Roll…. the usual stuff. Then there was the pill cabinet. I usually kept my pills in the kitchen, but hey, to each their own.

At this point, I felt I had spent enough time in the bathroom so after drying my hands (and making sure their were no wet hand prints on the mirrors to show my snooping) I opened the door and came face to face with Lone Ranger. “Ummmm… excuse me?” He was acting strange today. “We need to talk.” He looked around him then walked over to the door opposite. It was slightly ajar and I had noticed on my way to the bathroom that it was the main bedroom (Mama Hen had three in her apartment). Behind the bed, the wall seemed to be covered in a large canvas of Mama Hen (her red hair even more radiant than possible) and half a man who was covered by the door and out of sight.

My heart stopped when Lone Ranger opened the door. Not only was this the bedroom of Mama Hen and her husband. This was the bedroom of Mr Smooth. His eyes glared down at me from the canvassed photograph as I looked back at them. In my momentary shock, I let out an instant squeal. Turning, I punched Lone Ranger in the arm and spoke in an angry whisper I hoped that no one else heard. “Your telling me I slept with her fucking husband. HER HUSBAND!” He grabbed me and covered my mouth, forcing me to hush as he looked over his shoulder. I scowled at him until he let me go. “Why did you tell me! I didn’t need to know this!” “Yes you did! I’ve seen they way you have been watching him walk in the hallways. Your lucky she hasn’t seen you yet. Hell your lucky the SVHs haven’t seen you yet or the whole company would know.” I was slowly starting to come to my senses as he spoke…. that was until I saw a bright flame haired figure standing at the end of the hallway behind him.

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